Sunday, April 5, 2009

Express action and show you the world.

You may have heard about the photos online that allows people all around the world to see the works and your express. There are many websites that provide online photo and Flickr are.
What is flickr? if you like digital photos or your hobby with the weight of the world photoghrapy this site you must visit. Why? flickr has become the trademark for the activity "sharing" on the internet. Thousands of people have joined with flickr, and they can shared photos freely without bound by any restrictions, if you have a decent digital photos to show in the world share the direct use flickr.
There are many things that can be found on flickr generally have services as follows:

1. Upload photos.
This is the core of your flickr photos can upload so that anyone in the world can see your photos.
2. Organizational image.
You can organize photos and group them in certain categories, such as making an album and others.
3. For the image.
You can share the photos to anyone and you can determine who can view your photos.
4. Map online.
You can refer to a location where you take a photo.
5. Contact.
You can make contact with other people and organize them.

Following simple steps to create a flickr album:

a.Go to
b.Press the Create Your Account
c.You will find the look that reminds us page on Yahoo
Click Sign Up-ago registered yourself, fill in all fields on the form. ------ Click Do You Agree and press the button Create My Account after you are taken to the Yahoo start page.

Back to ago kilk Sign In on the right side up on the main flickr page, enter a Yahoo Id and Password and press the Sign In button after writing the name you will use your same is on flickr and press the button Create a New Account . Your account is now ready and you can upload photos that you have to server. Make sure your picture interesting to see the potential popularity of the image so that you increase.

Using Flickr.

1. Go to the flickr site
2. Log in using it with the Yahoo ID and Password that you have.
3. Click Set Up Your Flickr Basic and press the button Lets Do It.
4. First you must upload photos you have, press the Browse button ago choose your account photos Upload.
5. When done fill in data such as the Tittle, Description, and the tags and press the button next
6. Make a website address that is easy to remember in order that if another person or friend you want to see the photos you enter their website address is in the Browse input the name or other text that is easy to remember and press the Preview button.
7. You will go to the confirmation page that states whether the website address you want to have final or replaced, if it is correct and press the OK button. Lock It In and Continue, and if corrected, I need to select Choose Different aliases.
8. Then you are set Buddy Icon that you present your face so that others can identify you or your account at least more so personal.
9. Find an Image Click on My Computer and press the Browse button, select the image and press the Upload button and press the button after that Make the Icon and press the Next button.

Uploading Photo.

Until now you have a photo gallery on flickr, his name also gallery not just one but many photographs are, in other words you try to install the images to other pages in your flickr. Here's how to upload a file:
1. Go to your flickr account and click on the small triangle next in the right. Choose Upload Photos
2. Click Choose Photos ago find the image you want to upload. Then press the Open button, if you upload more, click Add More.
3. When the image that will show you to all the people choose the Public and press the Upload button uploads the photos click success Describe Your Photos and write a description about the photos that you upload.
4. Press the Save this Batch in a short time you will be brought back to the website where the images you upload.

Flickr has given you Photo Gallery Online photo gallery so that you can upload the procedure in such a way, so you easily see.
If you do not like flickr data early then you can change it, make sure you are on the main flickr page and click the Change Layout On This Page and select a layout you like and press the Save button.

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