Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If you still can not connect you pull the phone connection to the computer switch off mobile phones ago ago ago to do back on redial.

Installing Modem Haier D1200P.

Insert the Modem Driver CD to CD Drive. When the installation of phone and make sure the USB cable in a condition not connected to the computer. Double click on it via Usb_setup.exe. Then click Next.
2. Lisense Agrement, click Yes, then click Next.Driver will installed and click Next.
3. When a notification appears click Continue Anyway, you must click on the notification up to 3 times.
4. Connect the phone to the computer via a data cable and then click the OK button.
5. Notifications appear again, click Continue Anyway to 3-time notification. Installation complete.

Parameter settings for the internet, the menu Go to Control Panel, click Network Connection, click Create a New Connection and click Next. Select Connect to the Internet, then click Next. Click Setup My Connection manually and click Next. Select Connecting using a dial-up modem and click Next. Select VIA Telecom CBP Modem USB Modem and click Next. Enter a name for the connection and click Next. Enter # 777 and click Next. Enter the User name and password with smart words and click Next. Done.

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