Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some supporting multimedia applications in the K800i

Sony Ericsson K800i, a 3G mobile phone equipped with camera cybershoot this is feasible given the award. Then if I phone this feasible for me to become Assistant. Equipped with a 3.2 mp camera and flash light and autofokus which I work with good photographs produced SE K800i is very good and I need not be bothered to edit my photo just to look good karen SE K800i has to do its work well, in addition also with the memory space that can be added K800i, I do not need to replace the old photos I have only because of lack of memory space. if my memory space is not enough SE K800i provides space in the virtual world for me to create and upload through the upload service on scoopt. In addition, 800i SE support services in blogging service providers blogger blog from google.
K800i affairs for browsing the fight in the class even further with the support of the browser netfront dank canals GPRS and 3G, and can be used as a modem for a laptop computer and you. ability jelajahnya the extraordinary.
Business applications for SE K800i is only support Java operation. but even with the SE K800i java operating more fresh than the N73 using the symbian Os. Messagging activity To complete the K800i sms, mms, email and IM, and RSS feeds can you meet and everything you can run with a very easy and the settings that are not complicated. Sony own party and even provide some of the settings OTA (over the air). For the music business, although not from the walkman series, but the quality of its musical with no less formidable series walkman.
Here I paste some applications for K800i;
To access your yahoo account and Flickr directly from the phone.
2. GMail
To access your Gmail account directly from mobile phone.
3. Opera mini v.4.2
Application for browsing the Internet with a range of web pages and html.
4.SE-FM (Sony Ericsson File Manager).
Application manager that can manage all files on your mobile phone.
Service provider chat rooms that support a variety of your messenger account. I think this application is good for chatting other than as eBuddy or other, in addition interface a user friendly nimbuzz also supports alerts.
Push email service provider and is suitable for the K800i.
Service application to edit and share photos.
Service application to upload photos on Flickr.
Applications that help us map out an area and know of the existence of such as GPS.
You can download some of the dictionary that you may need.

So presumably some of the applications for K800i, actually still have a lot of applications that may not know my own but at least for any application is still in the operating system and java developer trusted the K800i can still compatible and are still the best.

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