Monday, April 6, 2009


There are many online business that you run the Netter in the virtual world from the simple to the specific expertise required. Here, I will construe a bit about the business are very fundamental ways and have a job which is very easy to understand even for the same once you are blind and do not understand about online business. Is Paid or TO CLICK (PTC), which is one of the many online business which I mean above.
In this business we have not prosecuted because the expertise required is a willingness here. We are simply to click the ads on the internet and for each click that we do we get a charge of $ 0.01, or about Rp100, 00;. other than that we do click we get a charge from "refferal" or people who join because of the information or recommendations for us.
You click 10 ads per day = 10 x $ 0.01
»Your Daily Income = $ 0.10
»Your monthly income = $ 3
»Following your 50 PTC site 50x = $ 3
»Into your monthly income = $ 150

$ 150 = Rp.1.500.000, - How do ?

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