Monday, April 6, 2009


Indeed be pitied if it's favorite photos that we have just pile on the phone memory. Even some people to save in personal computers with the goal of keeping the memory and the wonderful memories that are present in an image can be back in their memories, and they should not be bothered to open the album because all the memories in the screen computer. However often cumulation photos and images do not neatly arranged. All images published but not in order with the other words in a picture of this month, yesterday or even this year and previous years. But if only the images that fit neatly published birth date and photo is like a calendar photo? For example, we open the paper in January showing then images that are made in accordance with days created. And we can also enjoy the view slide show of the album.
Here are several applications you can use to create the photo diary.

1. Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition.

Adobe-made software application is free. Some of the latest mobile phone NOKIA and SONY ERICSSON also included in this application package purchase. But this does not mean that the application does not support this phone other than NOKIA & SONY ERICSSON, all mobile phone camera is capable of sync with both PC device with a cable, infrared or Bluetooth can be supported by this software.
With Adobe you can save photos to your favorites in the order in a very organized based on the date of the picture.
There are three views that we can enjoy the photo well, organise and calendar.
a. Photo Well, show all images that you transfer from phone to PC.
b. Organize, allows us arrange your photos or pictures in the folders manually.
c. Calendar, displays the photos based on date of making the photographs are taken, an image that is saved can we enjoy in the form of a calendar, a placement based on the date of making the image.
Excess other software can also print photos directly without having to exit the application, click the icon and photo printers can print directly through the printer is available.


If Adobe can sync with all mobile phone brands, another case with this one. Name of course we can surely guess what this application is for a Nokia mobile phone. Lifeblog Nokia mobile phones as well as a PC application that allows us saving photos,image and text to us in a Blog or online Diary.
However, to make our Blog tertampil online we have to spend more, than to buy the application, the cost is also required to create a weblog on the website and integrated with Nokia Lifeblog.
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