Sunday, April 5, 2009

Several alternatives Upload OnFlickr.

Several alternatives Upload OnFlickr.
In addition to uploading images using the flickr website you can also upload an image with a few other options are:

1. Using UPLOADR

Uploader is a self-made software that flickr can be used and work well.
Go to address, the page appears after right click on the Download flickr uploadr, choose save link as if using firefox or save target as if using ekpoler, select the folder and save and install. Once installed, run the application.

2. Using the EMAIL.

If you do not have much time to access the website you can upload your photo images via email, select the image you stay you will use to upload and send your email. However, the upload via email requires a little setting.
Click on http / /: ago at the destination email Email your photos to this address, note or copy the email address, because that is the email address to upload photos in your account.

3. Using the application YAHOO GO!

You know this one application. The application property is a Yahoo user's mobile phone is indeed be regarded comprehensive, ranging from access to email, news, weather and do not forget there are also flickr because. You only install this application on your mobile phone and then run and you will be very easy access to your flickr account because this application is able to read data that is on the phone.

4. Using the application COMEKS.

This application is for the user's photos online, in addition to this application is also rich in features that make you more able to create the withdrawal you make comics. you can add some interesting and humorous icons on your picture and you can also create avatars of your choice and send you account flickr. In fact, there are a lot of the photos online you can find and use in this application. Such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and more. To access the image you upload must first register on the website and you can download the application to your phone.
Therefore the use of some images on flickr uploads that can be useful.

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