Monday, May 18, 2009

Instan messaging

Features that this one is something that always be lost by most mobile phone users even you may not realize that there are great features embedded in your phone. Instant Messaging (IM) or my friend feature on Sony Ericsson mobile phone messaging is a feature to support the activities, chat or through the Internet chat. Of features that we should not be bothered to chat in front of the computer and we can chat anywhere, with just a little touch of hands. Activities chat is so much easier to do our sms. But unfortunately most of the features that ersed redundant.
To enjoy this service that requires little configuration. You must have a previous email to support the activities of your chat. After that you visit the website, and registered data because you only yamigo IM facilities that provide this. Then log back in to yamigo if successful means you have your account in yamigo and you can enjoy the services.
For the configuration in the mobile phone on the server with the address fill, and to enter a username and password in accordance with the time you log in yamigo account. Once completed, log direct from a mobile phone. For the settings that must be the server and username and password must be correct. Username and password that is used is a username and password in your account yamigo. So make sure they filled correctly.

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