Monday, May 18, 2009

The Facebook

Facebook is a networking site and community that we can connect with friends, relatives or our community. With facebook you can know the situation of those who may be close to you, or you can even find and add new friends on this site. Facebook for some people it may be that less is preferred considering that the term open minded or turkey or may lie to the public about the identity of the user data or facebook itself. But I think all of that back on themselves to each of us. Straightforwardly to give my facebook private one easy to access and always glad to know my friends or relatives of the wall are the distance and time. That way we can enjoy cheap and high quality communication and fun, without having to remove many costs such as phone and sms using facebook because of the internet that is cheaper than the cost of the phone. One expression of the status update on facebook we can create to represent speech we say hello or telephon via sms that can be accessed directly by many of our friends everywhere. So all rather easy and fun is not it?. In addition we can also chat online with other facebook users or our friend the format more fun in the appeal means of communication by phone and sms. More facebook offers more than just a networking site on the back of ourselves to be able opened positively within the framework that is consistent with Facebook itself which connects you with people around you.

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